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Promotes healing without damaging new healthy tissue growth

Pure&Clean is a non-toxic, neutral-pH, electrolyzed solution containing naturally forming hypochlorous acid which is FDA cleared for cleaning, debriding and moistening acute and chronic wounds of all kinds.

Pure&Clean Wound Cleanser Rx is intended to be used for cleaning and removal of foreign material including debris and microorganisms from wounds, is used to moisten absorbent wound dressings and for management of 1st and 2nd degree burns, minor cuts, superficial abrasions of the skin, pressure ulcers stage I-IV, stasis ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, skin graft and donor sites, and chronic dermal lesions – all can be cleaned, debrided and moistened with Pure&Clean Wound Cleanser.

Multi-use Wound Cleanser

Wound Cleansing

  • Spray directly on the wound and peri-wound area to cleanse, moisten and debride – do not wipe or rinse wound

Wound Dressing

  • Saturate dressing with Pure & Clean, DO NOT saturate when using with silver dressings, bandages, etc

Dressing Removal

  • Spray Pure & Clean on adhesive and skin before and through dressing removal to facilitate removal of adherent dressing and prevent MARSI (Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injury)

Incision Care

  • Spray Pure & Clean onto the area prior to closure of the dermis
  • Spray again after closure of dermis and prior to applying bandage; continue to apply Pure & Clean until ncision point is completely healed – up to 3 times each

Regular Use

  • To promote healing use Pure & Clean often
  • Use Pure & Clean during each dressing change
  • Pure & Clean products are safe and effective; for open air wounds apply 3-5 times daily.

FDA 510K