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BerbereX® Wound Cleanser is intended for use in clinical environments and home care to facilitate cleansing of debris, exudate, organic material including micro-organisms from wounds such as pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, post-surgical wounds, and burns.

BerbereX® is a safe and non-irritating antimicrobial wound solution that has broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties. Its unique and patented formulation resolves pathogenic flora and helps to decolonize the wound, yet unlike many antimicrobials, does not impair healing.

BerbereX® helps to overcome obstacles to healing that are caused by alkaline pH in chronic wounds such as diabetic ulcers and pressure ulcers, but has no known side effects.

BerbereX® is simple to use, requires no significant changes in current wound care protocols, and promotes healing of acute and chronic wounds.

Efficacy and Safety of Berberex Wound Cleanser on Post Operative Surgical Incisions
Study to evaluate 180 consecutive patients following spinal surgery.

“66 patients were treated with the BerbereX® Wound Cleanser; and 114 patients received the standard of care. Within the treated group there were 128 surgical levels treated, whereas 198 surgical levels were treated by the standard of care; 1.93 levels per surgical procedure for the BerbereX® treated and 1.73 levels for the standard-of-care patients. Over the course of the evaluation, assuring that all infections has been treated successfully – 11 patients who followed standard-of-care protocol were treated for infection, while none of the patients who received BerbereX® for their post-operative care required any further treatment. Of those 11 patients who were treated for infection, 4 had serious infections and 7 had incidental infections. For the 4 serious infections, 3 received wound vac treatment, and 1 patient was readmitted for care. Of the 7 infections noted within the lumbar fusion group, 2 were multi-level, and within the 4 infections treated in the decompression population, another 2 were also multilevel.”