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NEW Bionext Biocellulose Wound Dressing – Available Now

Designed to regulate water moisture, promote cell metabolism and protect wounds from external microorganisms.

One of the leading wound dressings for second degree burns and more.

Easy handling. Use up to 15 days.

Intended for use on partial and full thickness wounds such as Burns, Leg Ulcers, Pressure ulcers, Diabetic ulcers, trauma wounds, complex surgical wounds and Epidermolysis Bullosa.

We encourage you to review the resources available to enhance your understanding of Bionext, and to shape your regenerative success with a product that is Like No Other.

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About Bionext®

Bionext® is a semi-transparent membrane composed of a pure cellulose nanofiber mesh spun by Acetobacter Xylinum. The fibers form a strong and resilient scaffold for tissue regeneration. The membrane is designed to regulate water moisture, promote cell metabolism and protect wounds from external microorganisms.

Bionext® is an effective biological wound treatment which may be used as a temporary skin substitute on lesions such as burns, traumatic wounds , chronic ulcers, and diabetic wounds. Acting as a powerful barrier against bacterial infections, Bionext® aims to protect injuries against the external environment, avoiding the exogenous events that might normally interfere with the healing process. Due to its selective permeability, Bionext® allows the passage of gases and blocks the passage of liquids and external agents.

Bionext®, fully adheres to the lesion in a practical and safe way , forming a saline layer that automatically detaches, as soon as the tissue is reconstructed. This allows for dressing to remain intact for up to 15 days, eliminating frequent dressing changes.

Advantages: Bionext helps to reduce pain, maintain healing temperature,  hemostasis, decrease electrolyte loss, and optimize the healing process.

Handling and Ease of Use


  1. Remove Bionext from the package after preparing the wound bed (Figure A and B).
  2. After calculation the wound surface, adjust the size of Bionext to be used maintaining sterile conditions (Figure C).
  3. Apply on the lesion (Figure D).
  4. With gauze soaked in sterile solution (HOCl Solution, sterile water, saline Ringers, PHMB) gently press the Bionext on the injury for a full adherence (Figure E).
  5. Remove excess exudate and air bubbles between Bionext and the wound bed (Figure F).

Application Video:

Unique Properties

Bionext is developed using a proprietary patented process that provdes significant advantages over other bicellulose products on the market:

Bionext has:

  • Greater mechanical resistance
  • Better handling capabilities
  • Greater capacity for water retention
  • Faster in reducing patients’ pain

Advantages of Bionext:

  • Pain reduction
  • Maintains moist and warm environment
  • Decreases electrolyte loss
  • Effect barrier to external contamination
  • Transparent – wound is visible for examination without dressing removal or disruption
  • Can stay in place up to 15 days



  • Thinner and stronger. Easy to manipulate, apply and conform.
  • Patient pain reduced significantly from immediately to 15 minutes.
  • Remained moist throughout, until epithelization was achieved, and then he membrane dried and released.
  • Good adhesion to wound bed.


  • Thicker, less pliable. Weak when wet.
  • Patient pain reduction in 4 plus hours.
  • Did not retain moisture well. Became dry and brittle. Required applications of water/fluid.
  • Some difficulty with adhesion.
Velasquez O, and  Achterberg J. Clinical Comparison of Two Biocellulose Membranes. Presented at SOBRATAFE, Sao Paulo, Brazil. October 2019




= 62.82 MPa



= 101.53 MPa

Clinical Studies Overview

Second Degree Burn

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